Waterside International Blacksmiths Festival – Poster

“Sometimes a project comes along that radiates imagery.  Blacksmithing is one such activity that you cannot see past the Fire, effort the boldness and history.” – Alicia Whetton, Senior Designer


Waterside Blacksmithing & Metal Art Association

The Waterside Blacksmithing & Metal Art Association is a not for profit organisation for artistic blacksmiths. They provide courses, supplies and equipment, and a space for members to work.

They were organising a new festival to celebrate the old craft through demonstrations, talks, stalls, and an exhibition, and needed a poster to advertise the event.


To design a poster that was bold, engaging and celebrated the craft in a contemporary way.


The final poster uses strong symbology, bold typography and colours to make an impact. The earthy texture celebrates the human and earthy qualities of the craft. The event was a great success and organisers were impressed with the turnout.