Repco Group / Exego Group – Employee Magazine

“It can be difficult to get employees to read a newsletter. A magazine style format with bold headlines and a lot of colour and imagery helps capture interest and communicate the stories visually.”
Alicia Whatton, Senior Designer


Repco Group / Exego Group

‘Connections’ is an internal newsletter for all employees of Repco Group (later Exego Group).


To create a newsletter that was engaging and actually read by a diverse audience.


We decided to move away from the trend of email newsletters for a couple of reasons – mainly that not all the diverse workforce has online access; and that it was desirable that employees’ families could also read about that was happening in the company.

A magazine style document was decided upon and Idaho employed  a number of design techniques to make the newsletter stand out and encourage people to open it – including  a large A3 magazine-style format, with big bold headings and images. A strict production schedule and process document helped each issue run smoothly and meet the mail-out deadline – two issues that plague many newsletters.