Elmsavers – Marketing Collateral

“No matter how big or small your business is you will benefit from developing and maintaining a strong and consistent brand.”
– Jacqui Rudd, Comminications director



Elmsavers is a local Victorian business that provides services and trouble shooting for maintaining the health of a wide range of tree species, using a range of comprehensive, cost effective and environmentally-considerate solutions.


As a small business, finding the time to develop a consistent set of marketing materials that support your branding and business goals can be very challenging.

Elmsavers engaged Idaho to create a new brand and website for the business and required additional marketing and communications support to develop some marketing collateral.

Our client spends a lot of time travelling to various jobs around Victoria and interstate. It was important that he had both a strong and consistent online presence but also a range of portable marketing collateral he could share with his clients.


Using the brand created by Idaho, a number of marketing items were developed for Elmsavers – including stationery and also signage for the the Elmsavers trucks that were used to travel to various locations around Victoria.

Idaho also created a selection of project templates demonstrating Elmsavers’ expertise in tree health services. Given the technical and sometimes scientific nature of some of the diagnoses and treatments involved, it was important that Elmsavers’ marketing collateral still remained simple and clear for its clients’  to understand.

Firstly we looked at what the “hot” issues were for Elmsavers’ clients – which included farmers, local governments and Councils – relating to tree health. Our communications specialist spent significant time understanding the Elmsavers business and then worked with the client to break down and simplify the treatment process and benefits deriving from it.