Matrix (Mathematical Research Institute) – Corporate Website

“This project is a great example of how Idaho strives to create great sites that not only meet brand, usability, and design requirements, but are also as easy as possible to maintain, something that many agencies don’t consider enough.” – Alicia Whetton, Idaho Senior Designer



The Mathematical Research Institute MATRIX runs programs and workshops that enable Australian and international researchers and industry partners to collaborate on research problems in the mathematical sciences and their applications to science and industry.


To present the events in a unique, interesting, and user friendly way. Events are categorised differently, so we needed a simple system to identify the type of event visually.

Another challenge was to find a system that would be capable of the complexity required in listing and booking the events, while still being fast and simple to maintain for the client.


The matrix website is unconventional in it’s design. A feature box highlighting important upcoming events makes sure that the events are easily accessed and promoted to all visitors. Events use colour coding to identify their type, and can be filtered into the programs, workshops and other events to make navigation easier. Events are presented in a gallery type format, rather than a traditional list, which allows more events to sit up high in the valuable real estate of the page and is more engaging.

The event booking system is highly sophisticated, but global actions make the events simple to create and update, reducing maintenance for the client.