Queensland Nurses’ Union (QNU) – Campaign Websites

“Creating website templates within the iMIS system allows the QNU to recreate multiple websites quickly and cheaply” – David Haworth, Creative Director


Queensland Nurses’ Union (QNU)

The Queensland Nurses’ Union (QNU) is the industrial and professional organisation for nurses and midwives working in public and private health and aged care in Queensland.

The QNU promotes and defend the industrial, professional, social and political  interests of more than 53,000 members.


Create a template for a campaign website template using Advanced Solutions International’s (ASI’s) iMIS web portal software. It was important that the template allowed enough flexibility to make changes to it’s look and feel to distinguish it from other campaigns – whilst keeping the creation of the site, quick and easy for the QNU.


Basing all of the campaign websites on a single master design and a common stylesheet allowing the sites to reproduced simply and quickly. In addition, creating a campaign specific stylesheet, allows each site to be customised for each campaign and the creation of specific content modules that can be incorporated into the pages provides enough variation to make each campaign site appear unique.