Citipower and Powercor – Mental Health Booklet

A gentle design for an important topic.
– Alicia Whetton, Senior designer


Citipower and Powercor

Citipower and Powercor are electricity distributors and manage the poles, wires and equipment that deliver electricity to homes and businesses in Melbourne and through central and western Victoria.


Create a communication piece that educates the staff of Citipower and Powercor about Mental Health issues, what services the company provides and the steps that can be taken to help treat the symptoms.


Designed and laid out a small 60 page booklet containing information provided by the communications department of Citipower and Powercor and Lifeline. The booklet was divided up into coloured sections each representing a different type of Mental Illness. The language and design of the book was carefully developed to provide a positive but serious experience.