The Catalyst Network – Events Website

“We absolutely loved working with the team from Idaho. What a refreshing approach, delivering exactly what we never know we wanted.” Josie Gibson, Co-founder, The Catalyst Network


The Catalyst Network

They transform how we lead, work and create value. The Catalyst Network works with leaders individually, collectively and at a local and global level to catalyse large-scale change and build the foundations for future prosperity.


Build a website that is as unique as their business model.

“Challenge everything you take as normal and do the opposite.”


A website that contains just two pages, a home page and a contact page.

The Catalyst Network is about getting people into a room to discuss Leadership and how to improve it, so we refined an events systems so that interested parties can subscribe to Catalyst Network events.

The site reflects the nonconventional methodology with the ‘upside-down’ photography. Online information is brief but designed to engage the visitor to enquiring further into the organisation.