Sir Lawrence Wackett Centre – Brochure

“Our success was in part due to all of you at Idaho. You’re fabulous!”
– Michelle, SLWC


Sir Lawrence Wackett Centre (SLWC)

The SLWC is based at RMIT University and supports Australia’s Defence and Aerospace industry through technology, policy, and business solutions. They also provide advice and develop workforce capability.


To design a brochure that is engaging and begins to tell the SLWC brand story.


A bold and brochure design captures attention, with strong conceptual imagery that represents their forward thinking in the Air Space Land and Sea fields. The brochure fold is off centre, exposing the “AIR SPACE LAND SEA” from the brochure’s interior to add intrigue. A simple hero statement and list of Centre capabilities is designed to start a conversation with potential industry stakeholders.