Queensland Nurses’ Union (QNU) – Corporate Website

“I enjoy pushing the iMIS web portal software as much as I can, to create new and distinctive website experiences for my clients..” – David Haworth, Creative Director


Queensland Nurses’ Union (QNU)

The Queensland Nurses’ Union (QNU) is the industrial and professional organisation for nurses and midwives working in public and private health and aged care in Queensland.

The QNU promotes and defend the industrial, professional, social and political  interests of more than 53,000 members.


Create an easy-to-use, interesting and creative website using Advanced Solutions International’s (ASI’s) iMIS web portal software. It was critical that the site was easily accessible and relevant to the QNU members – while being simple for the QNU to maintain in-house.


Expanding on the popular vertical scrolling one page website concept we expand the site to utilise the homepage sections as introductions ad content feeds from the various sections of the site. There sections act as promotional pieces to encourage the visitor to explore more information. The members site uses the same concept but reprioritise the content displayed to better reflect the interests of the members. Both the public and member site use the iMIS responsive theme and code that we then customised for the design of the site.