Property Council of Australia – Corporate Website

“Adapting and styling the work of others requires care and respect. The code behind large database driven sites has been developed carefully over years and takes into consideration a great many possibilities.  It is really easy to ruin a lot of hard work with two lines of CSS code.” – David Haworth Creative Director


Property Council of Australia

The Property Council represents the interests of more than 2200 property industry companies, including those who invest, own, manage and develop in all sectors of property, creating landmark projects and environments where people live, work, shop and play.


Our brief was to re-design the Property Council’s iMIS web component to look like a highly functional information website, while ensuring that the site met the rigorous Property Council of Australia brand requirements across all devices.

The challenge with most of our iMIS projects is meeting or managing the expectations of the client in relation to the presentation of information within the limitations of the standard iMIS functionality. In other words, creating a distinctive design look and feel over the front of a standard software program – making sure that the functionality of that program is not compromised.

In addition it is important to utilise the iMIS integration within the organisation to implement a sustainable content strategy.


Utilising the Bootstrap framework and design look and feel provided by Handbuilt Creative we customised the iMIS master pages and CSS to layout and provide the adaptive designs across various mobile devices. Over 40% of the site content is dynamically produced via custom iParts developed by Pseudo Code. Using these iParts we were able to retrieve and format information created by Property Council staff as part of their day to day work.