Prodest – Business Website

“A website that reflects legal, commercial and risk management for large infrastructure projects… this is going to be a tough one.” – David Haworth, Creative Director



Prodest provides integrated commercial, technical and legal advice and support to contractors, consultants and equipment suppliers.


Design and build a website that presents the services of Prodest in an interesting and highly professional way. The subject area of Prodest (legal and risk) can be fairly dry and technical, so our design and the website structure needed to be very clean, clear in communication and reflect the value that the Principal, Martin Harris, brings to any project he is involved in.


The site has evolved since the site first went live, as the centre has grown. Bold abstract mathematical imagery helps to represent the more intangible theoretical work they do, in addition to the practical applications. A large home page slider communicates the centre’s purpose, then important news, events, partnerships, programs and publications.

There is a huge amount of content feeding into the site, so it was important that we worked closely with a number of staff from the centre to make sure it was manageable, and considered future needs to make the information easy to reorganise if necessary.