Medibank Private – Training Collateral

“We focussed on helping trainees to get the most out of their training materials by encouraging them to personalise their documentation, and ensuring they were simple and consistent.” – Alicia Whetton, Senior Designer


Medibank Private

A healthcare company providing private health insurance and health solutions to 3.9 million people in Australia and New Zealand.


Medibank needed to produce training support documents for its customer service staff. The documents had to be designed in a way to allow the staff to customise their own learning materials, and be easy to reference on the job.


We pitched the idea to turn the IT service centre into superheroes, presenting their mission and goals in a comic book style. The IT Charter promises are presented in a noble way, the duty of these superheroes to their customers. The IT Security posters present options on keeping your online security world safer, in an attention grabbing and memorable way. The client loved it and both campaigns were very successful.