Kirkwood Financial Group (KFG) Wealth Management – Branding

“A really good example of the benefits of meeting and talking to the owner of the business. It really is the best way to understand the brand of a company”
– David Haworth, Senior Designer


Kirkwood Financial Group (KFG) Wealth Management

KFG Wealth Management was transitioning from a South Australian base, to a national focus. They needed a new image to reflect this growth, and represented their new wider range of services.


To represent the three core values of the company – simplicity, quality and care, and present the company as a large, trusted organisation who still maintained their personal touch.


The square symbolises simplicity: the hand drawn square conveys the care KFG gives to their clients, with the solid geometrical square representing the quality of advice they give. Burgundy is a mature red, signifying strength, quality and professionalism. Grey is timeless, durable, dependable, and enduring.