Growing Tall Poppies – Corporate Website

“It was important to capture some of the founder of Growing Tall Poppies, Professor Eroia Baron-Nugent’s incredible personality in the design of her program.” – Courtney Lindsay, Designer


Growing Tall Poppies

The Growing Tall Poppies Science Partnership Program at the University of Melbourne, aims to increase the number of secondary students who study sciences in Years 11 and 12. Physics is an enabling science for the progress of technology and biological advancement, yet it is the most affected by falling enrolments; especially among girls.


Create and design the online presence of The Growing Tall Poppies program. The site needed to engage young Australian students – to spark an interest in pursuing science and maths subjects – and research professors, two quite different audiences!


The site is designed within the Wordpress content management system to reduce the cost of ongoing site maintenance. The site is also designed on a flexible site structure that facilitates growth in areas that need it.

The look and feel of the website gave particular emphasis on the shorter attention span of the target audience –  so sections of information are engaging, and kept brief and independent.

Visitor engagement is encouraged by the use of multimedia and information graphics such as video and animated graphics.