Growing Tall Poppies – Branding

“The poppy is intrinsically beautiful and is something that incredibly simple in structure. I think this works.” – Courtney Lindsay Designer


Growing Tall Poppies

The Growing Tall Poppies program is a division of Melbourne University that aims to help increase the number of high school students studying science with an emphasis on girls studying physics.

Idaho’s brief was to refresh the brand mark for the project.


Because the program had been  running for a little while, there needed to be some brand connection between the old style and the new.

While the program is aimed at students getting involved in science, it still had to be attractive to academics, professionals and institutions. This is because the program’s success relies heavily on relationships formed with companies and schools who are willing to allow their students in for the project to continue to grow.


In refreshing the brand mark, we retained the original colours from the brand but update the font to a bolder more modern style and then simplified the concept of the poppies to create a cleaner, more organic versatile application.

By consolidating the shape and having layers to create interest, we created a look and feel that works with the type but can also stand alone as a clear mark for the program’s brand.