Golf Victoria – Branding

“Everything from the symbolism of the V, to the colours of the typeface were developed through historical research and member surveys. Every element of the brand identity is there for a reason.” – Alicia Whetton, Senior Designer


Air Force Association (Victoria)

The Air Force Association was established almost 100 years ago to foster the spirit of friendship formed on Service, to commemorate the honour and ideals of the Royal Australian Air Force and provide support to members in need.

About the project

Idaho conducted extensive research into the history of the two organisations, other state sporting bodies, and conducted member surveys.

The member surveys gave us real insight into the strong symbols and colours that they associated with the state, and the importance of the logo incorporating some of these symbols. Members also had some very strong opinions on the success of some of the other state golfing organisation logos.

Many concepts and revisions were created based on the research findings.

The Golf Victoria Board was able to assess the concepts we presented in response to the survey results, knowing what existing strengths could be leveraged to present a positive, forward-thinking organisation.