FLEET – Annual Reports

“Our success was in part due to all of you at Idaho. You’re fabulous!”
Tich-Lam Nguyen, Chief Operating Officer, FLEET



FLEET is the ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies. FLEET addresses a grand challenge: reducing the energy used in information technology, which now accounts for 5% of the electricity use on Earth, and is doubling every 10 years.


Since 2017 FLEET and Idaho have developed a strong partnership. Together we have helped developed several communication and design related projects including  branding, print and website.

As an ARC Center of Excellence, FLEET are required to present and annual report on the previous years activities. This annual report needs to consolidate Research information, profiles, case studies, KPI’s, and a large amount of statistics. It is important the this information is presented in a clear and logical order as well as incorporating a unique and memorable design.


Each year we further explore the FLEET brand trying to visually express the progression of the centre. We began with the traditional printed report but now develop both an online version was well as retaining the printed report. It is important to the centre that we present their high end information as infographics ensuring that the document is not only visually appealing but inspiring to read as well.