CitiPower and Powercor – Direct Mail

“Sometimes you do something that you are really proud of, but the client doesn’t go for it. This was one such thing.” – David Haworth, Creative Director


Citipower and Powercor

Citipower and Powercor are electricity distributors and manage the poles, wires and equipment that deliver electricity to homes and businesses in Melbourne and through central and western Victoria.


Create a direct mail piece that educated the public on what to do during a power cut. The document had to be engaging and distinctive enough to have the recipient open it.


Design a landscape tri-folded brochure that when full opens takes the reader through a realistic timeline of a power cut.  Using humour and realistic scenarios educate the public on what to do and what help is available. Print the document in ‘Glow in the Dark’ ink so it can be read with the lights off.