ACEMS – Annual Reports

We always look forward to seeing what these guys have been working on for the past year.
David Haworth, Senior Designer



ACEMS an Australian research centre of excellence do some amazing stuff. At their core they research the mathematical basis of life and propose solutions to complex problems. As you can imagine completing an annual report for these guys is both exciting and complicated all in one.


As you can imagine completing annual reports for this high calibre research is both exciting and complicated all in one. As always with research centres, our challenge is to take complex information and make it digestible by mathematicians and none mathematicians alike.


The style of ACEMS annual reports has seen an interesting development, we initially used the amazing photographic and visuals generated by the research projects, and the developed a striking graphical look and pair it with clean white space. Now we utilise the features of the web to create a visually appealing document with hyperlink tentacles that take well beyond the centre itself.